March of Dimes Signature Chef

Signature Chefs Virginia Beach Awards


  1. Dish of Hampton Roads - A dish that captures the unique regional flavor of Hampton Roads through ingredients, preparation and/or imagination.  A recipe for the dish, suitable for preparation by the home cook must be provided.  Recipe and winning chef will be featured as the cover story in the Annual Food Issue of Hampton Roads Magazine following the event.   This award is presented by Hampton Roads Magazine. **NEW** This award can only be won by an establishment open to the public, year round and should be featured in that establishment during the month of January to coincide with the Magazine release.
  2. S.O.L.® Food Award  – Sustainable, Organic, Local. The best tasting dish which is sensitive to the environment by emphasizing organic ingredients and sustainable foods in its composition. Chefs should provide a brief description of the dish specifically noting its local resources.
  3. Most Outstanding Presentation – A visual – and edible – work of art, judged solely on its appearance on a dinner sized demonstration plate (or decorative plate of the chef’s choosing subject to restrictions below).
  4. Best Decorated Booth - The booth that is decorated in a way that most creatively represents the event theme and mission of the event.
  5. Most Outstanding Dessert – A special category for desserts and sweets only.  Entries are judged on presentation, creativity, and taste.
  6. Chefs Choice Award – A dish whose technique and artistry are truly appreciated by other culinary professionals and voted only by the participating chefs.
  7. The People's Choice Award – Attendees at the event will vote for the dish they think is best. Each paid guest will be given one People’s Choice Ballot at registration. Ballots will be collected at each table and counted by our judging panel no later then 7 pm.

Awards #1-5 will be determined by a panel of judges
             #6 will be chosen by all participating Signature Chefs
             #7 will be chosen by the attendees

Judging for awards #1-5 will commence at 4:00 p.m. on the day of the event. Chefs will be required to prepare one demonstration plate (dinner sized plate) and three to five tasting plates (b & b or salad plates).  Plates will be provided by the host venue, but chefs are free to use any of their own decorative plates of any size as long as the plate does not identify the chef or establishment in any way (i.e. name or logo).

Judging for #6 is done by all participating Signature Chefs – judging will be “blind” with a runner delivering samples to the chefs who evaluate and make an informed vote on the peer choice ballot.  Chefs are not permitted to vote for themselves.